AIMS Analytical Investigation Management System

Investigation case management software


View our solutions as an extension of our team, playing an integral role in our development and growth. AIMS solutions represent a diverse range of solutions, services, and geographies. We are aligned with leading technology companies that have specific domain expertise and experience.

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Our list of solutions

Legal E- Discovery

  • Rapid ingestion of all data into agnostic platform
  • Interrogation of sanctions and watch lists, corporate and media databases, company registries and asset registers
  • Guiding legal investigations & differentiate between information and evidence
  • Visualized real time link analysis

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AIMS Radar is a user-friendly software solution and analysis service specifically developed for corporate business intelligence requirements and serves as a single secure portal for your entire organisation. The software consists of a web-based application that does not require specialised or supporting software.

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It is reported that as much as 32% of all claims submitted in South Africa in any year is fraudulent and that fraud is costing the country (and other countries) billions of Rands (ZAR).

AIMS AML is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fraud Management Platform that offers a data driven approach to detecting and managing fraud across your entire value chain. It is the only solution today, that incorporates more than 300 typologies out-of-the box – being the packaged Intellectual Property of two decades of Fraud Management experience.

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Investigation Case Management System

AIMS is a cloud based analytical investigation case management solution.

Recommended for managing investigations, cases, emergency, incidents and physical security operations. Available on all browsers and smart devices.

Investigators globally are starting to move in the realm of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which brings to the fore its own set of challenges in finding uncomplicated electronic  management solutions to better assist with detection, prevention and combating fraud and corruption.