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Who uses an Investigation Case Management Solution?

Law Enforcement

Lost files, evidence and statements are the biggest issues with law enforcement. Using AIMS, you no longer need to worry. All cases and incidents will be captured and stored safely along with evidence under a unique case number .

Internal Investigations

AIMS ensures that your company runs efficiently which is the key to its longevity. By using our incident investigation and case management system, you are able to easily keep track of internal cases and root out any fraud from within

Private Investigators

Private investigating requires confidentiality of the utmost importance. With AIMS you are the only one to have access to all of your information. Our investigative solution will also allow you to add people of interest, track locations and attach important documents to your case

Forensic Companies

Science and technology go hand in hand. As a forensic investigator, you will be collecting important samples and data that need to be kept somewhere safe. Use AIMS to create cases and repositories, and attach important files, evidence and documents. 
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Popular Solution for
Law Firms

You’ve already got a case on your hands, so why carry a whole cabinet worth of paperwork? With the AIMS, you can safely transport all your documents with the convenience of your smart device. All relevant lawyers have 24/7 access through AIMS tools

Security Companies

Your quick response is vital to the safety of your clients. You need a system that’s simple, easy to use and available anywhere, or on any device. Let AIMS take care of the paperwork so that you can focus on the incident.



    • Accessible via any browser, computer, or mobile device
    • Complete freedom to use anywhere, anytime
    • Investigations tracked and managed all the way through to resolution
    • The Investigation Software allows for workflow and checklists


  • Allows for coordinated responses to all types of incidents
  • Departments and interveners are made aware of cases in near real time
  • Ease of collaboration between departments and interveners
  • Reduced turnaround times on case management resolutions
  • Employee productivity and efficiency are easily measured
  • Role based access control
  • Included are the basic reporter app and advanced manager mobile app

What is AIMS - Video

AIMS  was developed to streamline the recording and capturing of vital case files and data. By moving over from the paper trail to digital, AIMS allows one to easily store information, link connections and locations, attach documents, images and evidence related to a case, and so much more in a safe and secure system. With a process flow that is easy to grasp, our solution is the all-in-one multi-tenancy platform to maximise your efficiency. Watch the AIMS investigative case management system video.

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