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Features of AIMS Investigation Software

Investigation management experts situated around the world face intense challenges in finding an easier system to the old school pen and paper method and the on-shelf filing of cases during and after the investigation process. From the smallest to the largest investigation management corporation, Aims Investigation Software offers easy and affordable solutions. This investigation system has a number of features to improve your management process and improve productivity.   

Investigation Management System Services

gear, person facing computer screen for productivity and efficiency

Employee productivity and efficiency

AIMS guarantees a more efficient, effective and cost saving solution; AIMS ensures accountability, strict adherence to investigative time lines, scheduling activities, mobility, safe storage of information, strict security levels and continuous interaction between investigators, team leaders and prosecutors;  this investigation system prevents the loss of case information and with its inbuilt audit trail ensures meticulous record is kept of all activities on the system which is date stamped and unalterable.

hand holding a phone icon for AIMS

24/7 Phone support

The software solution is available on any computer that has World Wide Web(www) software application that is used for accessing information. With the mobile phone or device, you can either use it for a call or use it to log in to the system and update the new information, create a task, or have a live chat with someone involved in the investigation of the case. An investigation solution with 24/7 phone support.

mobile phone and globe

Improved mobility

At AIMS we understand that people nowadays do everything from their mobile devices, from streaming videos to booking tickets to setting appointments to making payments. That is is why we decided to create an app that is always at you finger tips on a smart phone, or a computer at any location. This allows the user to create a task or update new information, having access to the app anytime and at any place. 

paper folder icon for a paperless investigation system

A paperless investigation system

Converts, uploads and manages voluminous, electronic files,  documentary evidence, correspondence, tasking and case file diaries into an electronic format, for all types of short to long term project or single driven investigations. Ensures ease of converting all uploaded information/evidence  into printable format if required for hard copy evidence files preparation for litigation and or other purposes. If your organisation is depending too much on the paper trail, this is an investigation system worth considering.

court judge icon for AIMS

Easy preparation for court

AIMS’s voluminous software system storage capability, allows for structured  export of required files/documents into printable format for hard copy case file printout and preparation. AIMS is designed to allow for a secure electronic signature. The signature is used to validate or provide the identity of the person sending the documents, to ensure that the original document sent is unchanged. 

This is an investigation solution which makes preparation for court, a lot more organised

desktop, tablet and smart phone icon for AIMS

Access on any device, anywhere, anytime

The software solution is available on any computer that has World Wide Web(www) software application that is used for accessing information. With the mobile phone or device, you can either use it for a call or use it to log in to the information system and update the new information, create a task, or have a live chat with someone involved in the investigation of the case.

AIMS devices connected to cloud

One single source of truth

The AIMS software as a service, practices a structure of information models that have a pattern of behavior which organizes categories of information and the relationship with them. This helps quality of data, decreases communication misunderstandings and reduces errors. By doing so, every investigation information element is stored to the system at once.

a computer linked to other pc's representing a pc

Easy work flow

In the investigation case management industry, there are tons of documents and multiple processes involved resulting in a heavy work load. Using an automated process, the AIMS system guarantees a fast and efficient workflow. This increases productivity and reduces the number of hours spent on a case.

A cloud with a lock representing the cloud icon

Private cloud solution

AIMS provides a secure information technology service over a private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use by an investigation entity from a single to multiple users to fully manage, account and direct an investigation. Uploaded information and files are accessible any time, anywhere and on the the go.

investigate people of interest POI icon

Investigate people of interest

CMS allows users to capture persons of interest. While better algorithms are continuously being worked on, this module ties cases, incidents, people and properties together by relationship or affiliation.

a drone with a blue background representing drone request

Drone request

AIMS Software allows for a drone request to assist teams physically trying to access information in a hostile environment. It is also easy to share data as all the information collected by the drone can be used to generate a standard procedure.

keeping track of incidents icon

Keeping track of incidents

This investigation management software files every single piece of information constituting as evidence about a case or incident, especially a written account. Using the AIMS Software, you can monitor the investigation flow from start to finish.

Aims address book

address book investigation management software
e-mail option for AIMS investigation software

E-mail within Aims system

  • Search contact
  • Private and global address book
  • Add contacts to investigation system
  • Update, unfavourite, favourite contact
  • Send email from favourite contact
  • Video – e-mail tutorial 

Live chat based on a case

AIMS software live chat
AIMS static graphs for investigation software

Static graphs

Aims calendars

AIMS software calendar
AIMS GPS maps for incident case management

Aims location map

  • Show all cases created and referred , allocated or followed
  • Search case address for investigation
  • Search using a case number
  • Filtering with company and department (Suggestion I feel like, user should only be
    able to filter with department only because user access level is bind to the company
    ”normal user not with admin role”)
  • See Video 

How to allocate a case

  • Create case in the investigation system
    o Add reporter and investigation officer
    o Add department if company does not have one
    o Search responder within the system
  • My cases – shows all cases of the current user
  • All cases on the system
  •  User pending cases
  • Allocated cases
  • Referred case
  • Allocating a case video
Case allocation screen on the AIMS software
Creating a task on AIMS investigation management system

Creating a task

  • Allows the user to self task
  •  Others in the team can also be asked to perform tasks
  • The delegated person receives an e-mail, alerting them about the task
  • Progress slider is included showing percentage of task completed
  • Aims tutorial video on creating a task

Live reports within AIMS

Meetings screen on the AIMS software

Meeting manager

  •  Add meeting :
     Add venue where the meeting will be held, if it’s not on the list
     Select start and end date and time of the meeting.
     Search and select facilitator of the meeting
  • Edit existing meeting
  • Attendees – display details of the meeting
  •  Download files attached to a meeting.
  • View tasks related to a meeting
  • Aims tutorial video on setting up a meeting


  • Quick start guide
  • Add Affiliation – edit affiliation name
  • Clients
  • Checklist
  • Positions
  • Users
Settings on the screen for AIMS app

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