The benefits of going digital with AIMS

It is without the doubt that achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and time is most important in any investigation company.

However, efficiency can be held back by many things. One of the things that can slow down the process of efficiency in the investigation companies is the use of paper. Paper use involves lot of processes for things to be done. Imagine the time lost physically storing the paper records, managing all the records and the physical space they occupy, the risk of losing records in a case of fire or theft.

With such disadvantages, investigations companies over the past few years have considered making a switch to Digitisation. Keeping and managing information has never been made easier, whether the information was born digital e.g. emails or the information was converted from a hard copy e.g. scanned documents. The key strategic benefits of digitisation are to improve efficiency in a smooth and easy way.

Talking of digitization, these are some of the advantages:

  • Implementing security official procedure
  • Improving information accessibility
  • Creating one single source of truth for each file
  • An improved search of documents
  • Creating an electronic workflow process

It has been always true that “It’s easier said than done”. Most investigation companies have tried but have not yet obtained all these benefits. With Analytical Investigation Management System (AIMS) all is done at once, this gives investigation companies a advantage of eliminating paper work without an frustrations.

With AIMS investigation management software, you are able to convert, upload and manage voluminous electronic files,  documentary evidence, correspondence, tasking and case file diaries into an electronic format. This applies to all types of short to long term project or single driven investigations.

Aims Ensures ease of converting all uploaded information/evidence  into printable format if required for hard copy evidence, files preparation for litigation and or other purposes. This thereby saves the amount of space needed, cuts the amount of costs, dramatically increase productivity, simplifies the sharing of information and documentation.

With all this done, AIMS has web-based cloud storage that offers a variety of security features that protect any files whether important or not and provide access that is secured when you need to retrieve the  information for use in the future.

Depending on confidentiality, AIMS allows its registered users to set up different document securities and provide selective sharing. This means whoever got the authority can give a different level of access to the other people that are involved in the case.

There can not be any better way of managing your files than using the Aims software system that gives a variety of features to help you cut off the amount of work needed to be done in a reasonable and affordable price.

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